100 Gold Rim Plastic Cups, 9oz

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FANCY GOLD RIMMED CLEAR 9oz CUPS in big 100 pack are just right for home use and special occasions. These gold plastic cups are higher quality disposable plastic that impresses guests at parties and weddings while making fast, easy cleanup.

LUXURY GOLD BAND gives a touch of class and opulence. The 9oz gold plastic cups are just right for juices, cocktails, beer, wine, soda and much more. Improved curved rim feels nice with less drip.

BIG 100 PACK DISPOSABLE CUPS are enough for a party of 80 people or fewer. This is the no hassle party idea to make your evening a breeze. Fast, easy clean up so you can get back to your guests.

DURABLE HEAVY DUTY much better than lesser brittle clear and white cups that topple easily. Ours feel substantial in your hand. Made of quality food safe plastic with no toxins, harsh chemicals, or hazardous impurities.


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