by Shawn Merassa

When you are in a shopping mood, you often wonder that from where to buy? When you are confused you must trust online shopping or just go to your favorite store for buying your favorite product. Online shopping has pros and cons attached to it and this can help you decide whether you should choose an e-commerce portal or an offline store.

Advantages of online shopping:

1. Convenience – Online shopping comes with convenience of buying from anywhere. It let you shop 24/7. You can book even at midnight from your home, office or while waiting for someone with just few clicks on your mobile.

2. Better Deals – Online portals let you compare offers and deals for a single product and thus allow you to purchase at cheapest possible rates. Sometimes the deals are even better than the offline stores.

3. Wide Variety – Online portals brings in a wide range of choices in a single segment. It brings in the availability of different color and a different size for a single product.

4. No Crowd – With online shopping, you need not to face any sort of crowds that you would get in physical stores. You can purchase the best product without any queues and lines.

5. No Transportation Burden – Carrying product from shop to home can be tough but while booking online this is not your tension. You can also save transportation cost because every online purchase comes with home delivery.

6. Easy Return – Almost all the e-commerce portals comes with an easy refund and return policies such that if you don’t like any product you can return back to buy something else.

7. Modified Results – E-commerce portals are smart enough to judge what exactly you need and it can then bring customized experience while buying online.

Disadvantages of online shopping

1. Risk of Frauds – Even the most secured e-commerce portal has a risk of credit card scams. With this, there are other scams which are commonly prevalent in the e-commerce world and this may include issues of identity theft and wrong website selection.

2. Wrong Product Delivery – Sometimes the color, texture, fabric, fit and appearance may vary from the product which you booked online. Some product appears to be different on the website and is completely different in reality.

3. No Quality Assurance – As you can not touch the product you are buying online, you may have no idea about the quality of the product that will be delivered to you.

4. Wrong Shipping Delivery and Delay – With online shopping, there is a risk of delivery at the wrong address. It may also get delay and does not reach when you expect it.

Now, that you know that online shopping has numerous advantages over the disadvantages, it is easy to choose online shopping. So, it is pretty clear that when you wish to buy your favorite item with less effort at an amazing deal, online shopping is better than physical purchase.


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